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Bay Area Termite Control – Termite Exterminator – Free Termite Inspection

Bay Area Termite Control – Termite Exterminator – Free Termite Inspection

Here are some options you have as a homeowner:

Liquid Application with Repellent or with Non-Repellent for termite control

These types of treatments can be used inside and outside your home, and also can be injected directly into an infested area.

Repellent products do not attract termites, but instead make an area unappealing to termites. Termites who come into contact with repellents are directed away from the home.

Non-repellent products are not easily detected by termites, so the insects do not know to avoid the treated area. Forager termites are the first to confront these non-repellent products, which are then shared with the rest of the colony during feeding and grooming – effectively controlling the colony’s members.

Termite Control

Termite Inspection – Termite Exterminator – Termite Control – Fumigation – Orange Oil Treatment

“Fantastic service by this company. The inspector did such a thorough job finding all the defects in our home including rodent activity which we did not know about. The inspector who came out was knowledgeable of all components built-in to our home. We felt like we’ve learned so much after the detailed inspection. The inspector also found termite infestation in many areas inside the crawlspace. He found damages that other inspectors did not find when we were in escrow. It was a costly mistake not to hire our own inspector at that time. Unfortunately we went with the agents reports. Wish we hadn’t don’t that. It was our mistake so we did not go after the Realtor or the seller. We’ve decided to hire Homebase to eliminate the termites for us which they did an awesome job. We didn’t have to move out which was a plus. We are pet lovers and have many animals in our home. The type of termite elimination this company offers is highly recommended. Its eco-friendly which we appreciate and it is safe for our family and pets. We’ve already referred this company to our neighbors which they’ve hired Homebase to do their termite work and they’re totally satisfied. Great company!”

– JH 2014 MH

“Marvin showed up on time, for a decent price, on fairly short notice.  He thoroughly inspected the home on his own, and then took the time to walk around and talk me through his findings.  He pointed out several things that I would not have noticed on my own, and recommended specific repairs or remedies for any deficiencies.  Marvin said that we should expect the written report the next day, but he emailed it over the same evening.
I would definitely hire again!”

– Edward D

“Highly recommended! Marvin is knowledgeable and polite. He took his time and completed a very thorough inspection. Marvin answered all of our questions, and was realistic about costs, what we could do ourselves, and what we should hire a professional to complete. His report came promptly, and was very detailed.

We will continue to use Marvin for all our future needs…he is GREAT!!”

– Lindsey N

“Monday morning I was cleaning the backyard and removed a log and saw a bunch of ants, so we called Marvin. He came out the same day and identified the ants to be carpenter ants. He treated for the ants and did not charge us for the re-visit. He went beyond what we had requested for and treated our entire yard. It is truly an honor to have Marvin as our Inspector and termite exterminator. Outstanding service! Thanks again Marvelous Marvin!”

– Jenny N

“I am the realtor, hence, I have dealt with lots of termite companies. I had two other inspectors came before calling Marvin. Both suggested fumigation, but Marvin came up with local treatment which he guaranties will have better effect. I have found that this method saved me money, time packing, moving away and returning back for tenting. And most of all, having the headaches of doing all that.
I will put his name on my company’s reference list for his great services.”

– Helen L

“We found termites in our home so I needed to get someone to our house quick!  I found Homebase on YELP and read all the great reviews. Marvin came out on a Saturday, which worked great for our schedule.  He was on time, professional and VERY knowledgeable.  He answered all our questions  w/o getting frustrated with the same questions we asked over and over again.  After he did the work, he left everything very clean and tidy.  I highly recommend him for your termite needs.”

– Maricela S

“I was referred to Marvin through an acquaintance and hired him to do an inspection (he does both home and termite!) on a home I was considering buying.  Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication (my fault) about the time and the home owners weren’t at home when Marvin showed up (an hour drive away from Gilroy on a Sunday nonetheless).  Instead of being upset that I had wasted his time, he offered to review some old reports and spent a good amount of time talking me through them on the phone, all for a guy he had never even met yet!

I was a first time homebuyer and my inspection contingency period was about to expire and my back was against the wall.  He went above and beyond and rearranged his schedule and was able to squeeze an inspection for me before my contingency period expired.  He was very professional and extremely detail-oriented in his inspection and pointed out items that needed to be addressed right away and items that even a novice like me could do myself in order to save money.  What I especially liked was that he took the time to explain things to me in terms I could understand, instead of talking over my head as other inspectors I’ve come across have.

In summary, Marvin is very trustworthy and goes above and beyond to address all your concerns.  Would definitely use him again!”

– Andy L

“Marvin is the guy for inspection service when its time for a home purchase. Very thorough and detail. A reasonable price for such professional and detail work. His report helped me to budget what needs done in the near future. Awesome!”

– Alan L

“Let me say that Marvin is a complete ALL STAR!!! I got his contact from my brother in law since he did a home inspection for him. Marvin did our home inspection for a house we were buying and made the whole process easy and pain free for us. He was extremely patient and answered all my questions and helped to explain home repair situations throughout the process. He also does termite inspection so he was able to do the termite report during his home inspection. HIS EYE FOR DETAIL is what a home buyer needs! I was impressed when the listing agent asked for his card and said that they would be using him for their own clients. Especially since the listing agent was such a pain in the @$$. If you are looking for someone to do your home inspection or termite inspection, look no further than Marvin!”

– Chris B

“My parents live in the San Jose area and had a terrible termite problem. I heard from a good friend that Marvin at Homebase Inspection Services does a professional job and does not leave a mess. My parents are huge on contractors that leave a mess behind, also what chemicals and the process that is used to rid these pests. My mom said it was extremely important that it be pet and human safe. Marvin was more than generous to go over the details and what process he uses and how it is safe for humans as well as my parents dog Otis. After all is said and done him and his staff were very fast and clean and did not leave anything behind. 3 months later the problem is fixed and we are no longer running into termite poop all over the place. He was also able to help get a point us in the right direction for a quote for the wood damage the critters left behind. Me and my family want to say, THANK YOU MARVIN!!!”

– Eric H

“My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home.  When we found a place that we were interested in, our realtor recommended we call Marvin at Homebase to do the inspections.  We called and he gave us a quote for a general and a termite inspection.  Not knowing what the going rates for inspections were, I called a few other local companies and found that not only are Homebase’s rates very competitive, they are actually the only one I found that could do both general and termite inspections AND termite treatment, if required.  Marvin came out and inspected the house and when he was done, he sat with us and talked with us about the condition of the property.  We are first time homebuyers, and he was very patient in explaining all of his findings.  He did not make any recommendations, but he gave us all of the information we needed to make a decision regarding that property.  We will definitely be calling Homebase for any of our future inspection needs and will be recommending them to anyone we know that needs the same service.”

– Riann L

“I was given a tight 7-day inspection contingency and Marvin was able to move his schedule around to come the day after I called.  I was expecting him to come late and be in a rush to leave because he was squeezing me in, but he came early and stayed for over an hour for a 3 year old 1213 sq foot home– that shows you how thorough he is.  As he was performing his inspections, he was simultaneously telling me what he was doing and what to look for in the future.  You definitely get your money’s worth with Homebase, would highly recommend.”

– HL

“Add another glowing review for Homebase Inspection Services.  I had to open up a wall due to a water leak and found termites.  Talk about a double whammy!  I needed a quick response and Marvin adjusted his schedule to fit mine.  He answered all my questions and handled the job in a timely and professional manner.  I highly recommend Homebase Inspection Services.”

– Mich A

“Marvelous Marvin and Homebase Inspection Services!!

I can’t say enough good things about Marvin and his business.  1st off I put in a couple of estimates on my home termite inspection for VA refinancing.  He was by far the lowest quote I got from 3 different competitors.

He arrived promptly at our scheduled appointment.  Once there he noticed that the home was brand new, and couldn’t in good conscious charge me full price, because there was no way the house would have any termite issues.  He gave me a tremendous deal, and provided the report in just a few minutes.

Marvin is truly a good honest person, hard to come by these days.  He’s an asset to the Gilroy / Morgan Hill community. I’ll be using him for all my inspection services and would refer his services to all my friends and family.  A+++++”

– Jojo L

“Great service…Called this green company for inspection, the termite exterminator was thorough and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Homebase Inspection Services for your Real Estate needs.”

– John W

“I was searching for a termite extermination company and came across this company here on Yelp. I called for them to come out to have my home inspected for nasty termites. The termite inspector, Marvin who came to inspect my home was very nice. What caught my attention was that he took his time and was really thorough with my home, I really appreciated that. Other orange oil companies that inspected my home took no more than half an hour, very disappointing. I had termites in my room on the window sill but wasn’t sure exactly if it was actually termites. Marvin identified it and sure enough it was drywood termites. Those darn buggers! He treated the termites with the orange oil and now they’re gone and my home smells like oranges.

I highly recommend this company for your termite control. He’s also a general home inspector. He gave me plenty of useful tips during his inspection which was a plus. You wont find a better termite inspector.”

– Janet R

“We heard this company over on KGO radio yesterday and gave them a call because we did not want to tent our house. The inspector came to our house this morning at 8:00 AM right on the dot. I thought that was pretty impressive! Most companies will give you a window and show up towards the end. The inspector was very thorough with our 100 year old home. We didn’t have this house inspected in over 35 years because we just hated that tent idea. The inspector found ground termites in our garage and told us that we have to move everything away from the walls. The inspector offered to help us move things around which I thought was very professional. So far, the inspection went well! We are happy with the report he gave us right after his complete inspection of our home. We didn’t have much termites which is a good thing after all these years we lived here. We will start them off with 5 Stars and will update at a later time after the termite treatment we have scheduled for next week. Great Service!”

– Bob W

“My grandparents just purchased a house in Palo Alto and we had the best experience with this company. We’ve learned a lot from Marvin. He is well knowledgeable and explained all of his findings to where we can easily understand. I’ve definitely learned a lot in those three hours that he spent inspecting our home. He did find termites which was a bummer for my grandparents because they’re old and they don’t like to use poisonous chemicals. Marvin explained to us that we didn’t have to tent the home and that we can use the orange oil instead. My grandparents called Marvin a week after close of escrow and had the orange oil treatment done. They’re really happy with this company and the price was reasonably affordable, much cheaper than tenting. Marvin was great to work with and will definitely refer him to my buddies!”

– Gary S

“Marvin came out to inspect my house and he was very thorough. He treated my house for termites and now they’re gone! He’s definitely my termite guy!”

– Mae M

Termite Inspection – Orange Oil Treatment – Tent Fumigation

A termite inspection or a home inspection from Termite Biz are complete inspections from the ground up. We can eliminate termites with a no move out termite control solution using the XT2000 Orange Oil Plus orange oil treatment. As an orange oil specialist, we will make sure that your termite extermination experience is beyond satisfaction. Termite Inspection – Orange Oil Treatment – Tent Fumigation

In some cases, termites can infest in areas that are inaccessible for local treatment. For a whole house extermination of drywood termites, tent fumigation is recommended. We service the entire San Francisco Bay Area, South Bay Area (San Jose, Los Altos, San Carlos, Santa Clara, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Martin and all other surrounding areas), Alameda County, Monterey County, Santa Cruz County, and San Benito County. Fremont termite inspection.

Here are a few easy steps you can take to stop pests and termites from invading your home.

Pest Tips

  • Seal cracks in your home’s exterior to help keep pests like ants, spiders and cockroaches from getting inside.
  • Be sure all doors and windows are properly sealed with tight-fitting screens and weather stripping.
  • Don’t leave uncovered food sitting out. It can attract flies that might land on it and spread harmful bacteria.
  • Consider storing clothing in plastic boxes or pouches to prevent fabric pests from getting to them.
  • Ensure that the attic and crawl space have sufficient ventilation. Proper ventilation creates an environment unsuitable for cockroaches and other pests. It also improves the heating and cooling efficiency of the home.
  • Do not allow pet food to sit out overnight, indoors or outdoors.
  • Remove any piles of debris, stones, bricks, etc., around your home. They serve as a harborage for pests, especially rodents.

Termite Tips

  • Repair any roof or plumbing leaks as soon as possible. These leaks can allow termites to survive above ground in a house.
  • Eliminate any wood-to-soil contact around your foundation and remove wood debris near your home.
  • Prevent mulch and soil from touching the siding of your home. They make it much easier for termites to enter.
  • Store firewood away from your home.
  • Use mesh screens on all windows and doors, as well as in ventilation openings for attics and crawl spaces.
  • Seal nail holes and cracks in exposed wood to help prevent easy access by drywood termites.
  • Contract with a professional pest control company to regularly inspect your home. This will help detect termite activity and allow for prompt and proper treatment.
  • If you’re seeing signs of termites in your home and would like a free termite inspection in or near San Jose, call us now at 800-840-5621 or simply fill out the free inspection form by clicking here.


Have Termites?

Signs Termites Could Be Feasting on Your Home – Call today for a free termite inspection.

Have termites? Homeowners rarely realize termites are causing damage to their house until the cellulose-hungry insects have permanently damaged the structure. This damage may be a surprise because termites are cryptobiotic, meaning their activities are hidden from view. Termites’ cryptobiotic behavior contributes to their success in invading human structures. Termites can consume the inside of a 2″ x 4″ piece of framing wood, but still keep the outside of the wood surface intact. Most homeowners have no idea that termites have infested their house unless they break through the surface of an infested piece of wood or they see other signs of termite damage, such as a swarm.

While termite colonies are extremely difficult to see, there are several signs of termite infestations that every homeowner should know.

Subterranean Termites:

Mud Tubes – Subterranean termites need moisture to survive, which means they rely on their soil habitat for the moisture they need. When termites travel above ground, they have to take the soil with them to protect themselves from drying out. Subterranean termites build mud tubes above ground so termite workers can travel inside the protected structure when foraging between the infested wood and their nest. The tubes may be easy to spot when they extend over concrete foundations and other exposed surfaces. However, the tubes are much less visible when they run along cracks in the foundation or behind siding and baseboards.

Wood Damage – Subterranean termites only like to eat soft spring wood fiber, which means they will eat along the wood grain, rather than across it. Subterranean termite damage is very easy to identify because the damaged wood will only have the grain left behind. Since subterranean termites carry soil with them, the spaces between the wood grains are typically packed with mud. Both drywood and subterranean galleries (small rooms inside the wood connected by tunnels) can be detected by tapping a piece of wood every few inches with the handle of a screwdriver. The damaged wood will sound hollow, and the screwdriver may even break through the wood into the galleries.

Drywood Termites:

Frass (Termite Droppings) – As drywood termites eat their way through wood, they produce frass or wood-colored droppings. For housekeeping purposes, sometimes the termites will chew small holes in the wood to push these droppings out. Termite fecal pellets can be found in little piles beneath the infested wood.

Wood Damage – Drywood termites eat right across the grain of the wood and leave very clean galleries; in fact, these galleries are so clean that they look like they have been smoothed with sand paper. Inside these galleries, you will find mounds of fecal pellets piled up where they have been pushed out of the way by the termites.

Termite Warning Signs

Here are a few of the most common  termite warning signs of an infestation:

Subterranean Termites: Wood Damage

Subterranean termites damage wood according to a distinctive pattern. These cellulose-loving insects can leave nothing behind but the wood grain.

Subterranean termite damage may be hidden inside the walls of a home since this species destroys wood from the inside out.

Discarded Wings

Termite swarms may take place inside or outside of a home as mature termites leave the nest to start new colonies. Soon after swarmers take flight, they shed their wings. You may find small piles of wings in spider webs and on surfaces around your home’s foundation, like window sills.

Termite Swarmers

Swarmers from mature colonies typically leave the nest at one of two times per year – during the spring or during the fall. The exact timing of the swarms varies based on the species and weather conditions. Swarms on the exterior of a home may be missed by homeowners, as they are typically a brief event during the morning or afternoon – a time when many people are not at home. Formosan termites also can swarm at dusk.

If  you see any of these termite warning signs, call Homebase Inspection Services today at 1-800-840-5621.